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Leaked credentials

Has your data been leaked ? Are you dealing with login data that has been compromised ?

Leaked company data

Has intellectual property been leaked from your organization ? Is your company data being offered for sale on underground marketplaces ?

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We offer you the opportunity to make your preparations from a legal context. In addition, you will gather the forensic evidence with which to formulate your charges.

Your data is of vital importance
to your organization.

According to ENISA, ransomeware is now the biggest threat to the European Union. But that's not all the number of digital threats is currently increasing exponentially. These are all about obtaining your (personal) information for criminal purposes.

Every 14 seconds there is a new victim of ransomware. This involves asking for a bitcoin transaction to restore access. The is problem here is that criminals often use this hack commercially as well to sell sensitive corporate data to third parties.

Unfortunately, the number of data breaches is still increasing. As a result, there is a good chance that your personal information will be offered to criminal organizations with only 1 purpose. To ensure that they use your personal information to make money.

The leakage of sensitive data can result in image and financial damage. It’s all about the speed of mitigating these security incidents.